Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christian Songs For Retirement


Rome: the stories about sports, drama, sacrifice, willpower and rebirth I have been and are still very sensitive and affectionate, will be my strong feeling or simply the fact that my way several years ago, a rather serious injury to a knee he stole one of my biggest dreams to play football. That is why, after five operations, each time I read or see something that tells a small part of a fact even remotely similar to mine, I feel in a kind of jolt that makes me immediately excited, passionate and closer to the events narrated. It 'happened in the past with "Peaceful Warrior" ugly film taken from the most noble and beautiful book "The Way of the warrior of peace" and has now happened with "Soul Surfer," a film based on a true story, that of the surfer Bethany Hamilton, I will not add anything to avoid damaging the wait and surprise, the only thing I want to add the first to wish you a good view of the trailer is the film's release date on 8 April.


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